Sprindale School Almora, was conceptualized  by Mrs Promilla Daniels in the Year 1993, along with her daughter, who is a Gold medalist from Kumaon University, was one of the First and the most established English Medium School, Starting with Two students set up on a Dining Table, the School mushroomed to a well established day School, to reach a total of almost 400 Students in a  large family British Bungalow. It also had a small boarding facility for a decade, with boys from the Terai areas, and the School ultimately was conferred with the Affiliation of CBSE, as the school kept Growing.

Slowly, as the Time Progressed, many other small schools started coming up, and due to unforeseen circumstances, the Founder of the school left the School, and the only daughter married away, with other Family members. The school continued, and the Year 2021 took a marvelous turn with the daughter, now a renowned academician, of Pan India and International Experience of Academics returned back to Almora  with all new vibrancy and Enthusiasm to take over the School from the ageing father and have her mother Mrs Promilla Daniels-well known name in Almora back as a Guide.

Despite the ongoing Pandemic, the new management revived the Online classes, with all Gusto, to help the lethargy that had set in over the past 10 months

There are several reasons behind the spurt in demand for high quality school education. Educated middle class parents are becoming increasingly aware that mere academic excellence doesn’t guarantee a good future for children. The development of life skills, holistic personality and ability to communicate effectively are crucial skills for 21st century children.

Springdale School, with its New Management is all set to  offer greater opportunities for children to develop these additional life skills. We believe that the potential of Children/students coming from the Low and Middle Class Families  tend to be successful professionals who have forsaken lucrative and promising careers to do their bit to develop the country’s long-neglected, but high-potential human resource. And to capture this potential, we have our School on the most/Lowest Fees Structure, where the Management strongly believes that “All the money in the world won’t buy a great education” – Chris Tessone 

In a serene Cantonment area amid hills and greenery. our students wake up to the chirping of birds instead of an alarm clock,”