Our Learning through the Outdoors programme is tailored to each individual. It begins at the starting point of each learner, taking into account levels of self-esteem, confidence as well as communication and organisation skills.

Students in Grades 1  to Grade 5 have one whole LTTO day every other week, while Grade 6 and above have at least one day per half term. Activities include mountain walking, navigation skills, bushcraft, climbing, abseiling, kayaking, canoeing, raft-building and sailing as well as various team challenges.

The higher years concentrate on stress management, resilience, and future goal setting, all of which are important skills to learn in preparation for exams and life after school. We acknowledge there are elements of risk with LTTO, as with every aspect of life. At Springdales, Almora we are not averse to exposing our students to risk, we manage it by preparing students with the skills to identify and respond appropriately and self regulate through following instructions and using the appropriate kit.